Carol Jamieson

Carol Jamieson

Educational and Remedial Psychologist

D.E (TTC, ZIM), DE (CEFT, PTA), HDE (CEFT, PTA), FDE-MBD (Specific learning difficulties) (CEFT, PTA), B.Ed. Hons (Psych) (RAU), Psychometrics (UJ). M.Ed. (Psych) (UJ)
Registration: HPCSA No: PS 0112801)   PR No: 086 000 0403393

About Carol Jamieson

Carol Jamieson is a Psychologist who has a passion for helping children, teens, adults and families using a toolbox of up-to-date therapy process and strategies from an Eco-systemic perspective.

She is experienced in full psycho-educational assessments (cognitive-emotional-academic).Apart from her extensive educational background in teaching, testing, identifying and finding solutions for learning challenges in children, her recent specialisation and qualification is in Somatic Experiencing (SE) used internationally in resolving wide ranging trauma in the body.

Carol Jamieson specialises in Somatic Experiencing (Advanced level, International training and qualification), a new approach to Trauma Therapy in SA based on Peter Levine’s work: memory of trauma is released at a physical level and the senses are brought to awareness, eliminating retelling ‘the story’ and being retraumatised. Through MEISA she has added modern, complementary therapies helpful in accessing inner awareness without being invasive, namely:


  • Ego State Therapy (MEISA-Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced level)
  • Eriksonian Hypnotherapy (MEISA-Foundation and Intermediate training)

Services are on offer for children aged up to 18yrs:-

  • Therapy with emotional-behavioural, social and / or developmental challenges
  • Counselling with adults in specific areas (On request)
  • Assessment of Preschool, Primary and High school children
  • Experience in Learning support at preschool, Foundation and Primary levels.
    Trained and well experienced Remedial teacher – Aid Class and private practice
  • Play Therapy and Psychotherapy in the following settings
  • Presenting and hosting for small group discussions as well as parents and educators