ADHD, ADD, HYPERACTIVITY what does it all mean?

Parents have waited long enough for information on ADD which provides honest answers to their questions. Dr Brendan Belsham, a Johannesburg-based child psychiatrist, has written a book which explores the many controversies surrounding the condition.

Dr Belsham examines the issues which most concern parents, such as the accuracy of diagnosis and the safety of commonly used medications. He presents a balanced account which is both accessible and readable. The book is available for download from various online book stores  and from physical book stores around South Africa.

“ADHD is a significant part of my busy practice. I found this book well written, easy to read and most informative! I have started recommending it to colleagues as well as parents and patients too! An authoritative presentation that is accessible to everyone.” Dr Colin Derrick (Specialist Paediatrician)


Everyone has an opinion about it. If you mention the terms ‘ADHD’ or ‘Ritalin’ at a dinner party, you are bound to provoke lively debate. Try it. You would have much less fun with, say, diabetes and insulin, or asthma and inhalers. ADHD is a topic which evokes heated and varied opinion. It seems to be a convenient soapbox upon which many childhood and parenting issues are debated…


This is a topic very close to Dr Belsham’s heart and he speaks to new and expectant parents at every opportunity.  What they should have told you in antenatal classes but probably didn’t is covered here in Laying the Foundations.  A must read.