Dr Brendan Belsham

Dr Brendan Belsham

MBBCh (Wits) FCPsych (SA) MMed (Psych) (Wits) Cert Child Psych (SA)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Pr No. 0031615

Dr Belsham has been in private practice in Johannesburg since 2000 and recently published his first book, What’s the fuss about ADHD?

Dr Brendan Belsham

Dr Belsham has been a visiting consultant at the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counseling Centre for the past 15 years and is on the advisory board of Living and Loving magazine.

From 2001 to 2003  he worked in a consultant post in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of the Witwatersrand, as part of the postgraduate child psychiatry training programme. This entailed involvement in multidisciplinary child psychiatry teams and pioneering a child psychiatry clinic in the Orange Farm area.

In Dr Belsham’s undergraduate years, he was:

  • awarded the Kurt Gillis Memorial Prize in psychiatry in 1993
  • obtained the degree of MBBCh in 1994
  • admitted as a Fellow of the College of Psychiatrists of South Africa in October 1999
  • awarded the degree of Master of Medicine in Psychiatry in November 2000
  • the joint recipient of the Louis Franklin Freed Prize for the most distinguished postgraduate student for the Master of Medicine degree in Psychiatry
  • obtained the Certificate in Child Psychiatry (SA), in October 2003

Dr Belsham has published articles on a variety of subjects.  He has delivered numerous presentations to various bodies,  including academic meetings, educational groups, churches and schools.  He has appeared on television, spoken on radio and written for magazines.

His special interests include early parenting, attachment, ADHD, childhood bipolar disorder, autism and anxiety disorders.


Everyone has an opinion about it. If you mention the terms ‘ADHD’ or ‘Ritalin’ at a dinner party, you are bound to provoke lively debate. Try it. You would have much less fun with, say, diabetes and insulin, or asthma and inhalers. ADHD is a topic which evokes heated and varied opinion. It seems to be a convenient soapbox upon which many childhood and parenting issues are debated…
Dr Brendan Belsham